Ceiling Hangler Reviews

  • I'm in a portable and need lots of room. This makes hanging student work easy.

  • I teach 1st grade and having a small classroom myself I've always struggled with having enough art in and around the classroom. These ceiling clips are perfect! I hung 25 down from the ceiling yesterday and it took about 10 minutes (very easy!) I would highly recommend this product!

  • Quick way to put up and take down posters during tests. I have 0-12 multiplication posters up every day hanging from these. At test time, it's easy to unclip them and then put them backup after the test.

  • I have used these to hang signs, decorations and art work in my pre-k classroom for years. Just shared this information with a new teacher!

  • These are great for ceiling displays....My only complaint is that I am the only one in my school with the special tool that is needed to attach these to the ceiling....and everyone keeps borrowing it!!

  • What an Eye Catcher!! I use the hanglers to decorate our hallways. We make giant snowflakes in January and leave them up until the end of February. I am always asked what is going to go up next. I have had volunteer parents use the tool to place the hanglers on the ceiling brackets. I purchased an extra set, and my co-worker and I have an instant eye-catching display in the hallway.