Sloppy Stopper

The Sloppy Stopper Activity Mat creates a confined work area for all kinds of messy activities. It also works great to contain small parts for many different hobby and craft projects.

  • painting

  • gluing

  • model building

  • scrapbooking

  • clay work

  • bead work


  • glitter

  • coloring

  • puzzles

  • games

  • lunch mat

Just unfold and pinch hook ’n loop tabs together at each corner to create an 18" x 24" work area with a 2 1/2" high backsplash. When you’re finished, simply undo one corner to empty contents, wipe with a wet cloth if necessary, undo the rest of the corners, fold & store.

Perfect for potting plants, hobby work, sewing, workshop projects, and much much more!