Tips & Ideas

Ideas for Work Use:

  • use non-magnetic Clips on computers & monitors for holding copy, notes, photos, etc.

  • use bright colored Clips to keep phone messages highly visible on office doors & phones

  • use Clips on office machines, metal cabinets & wood shelves

  • use red arrow shape Clips for your most important notices

  • use at off-site meetings to post room assignments, directions & other signs

  • use at sales meetings for welcome signs

  • use a few Clips to hold flip-chart sheets

  • use Clips to hold presentation materials on walls

  • carry some Clips in your briefcase for quick client presentations

  • use Clips or Wax to hold trade show signs

  • use Clips to hold price tags

  • use Clips or Hooks to hold job instructions or schedules near machines

  • Clips can hold telephone wire for modems

  • use Wax to keep displays and products in place

Ideas for Home Use:

  • use a bit of Wax to hold candles in place

  • use some Wax to hold decorative plates steady on plate racks

  • a bit of Wax behind a picture frame will keep it from tilting

  • quake-proof small, fragile and collectible things

  • use a Clip on the front door for delivery person messages

  • use Clips or Wax to hold wires in place

  • secure a key in a hiding place with a bit of wax

  • use some Wax to keep loose windows from rattling

  • use two Clips on window frames - one up / one down - and wrap mini-blind cords around them to keep them out of the way

  • Hooks hold shoe horns & belts in the closet

  • use Clips or Wax on garage door for welcome home signs

  • use Hooks to hang bracelets, rings & hair accessories

  • use Hooks on tile to hang shower caps

  • use Clips to create a photo wall at family gatherings

Ideas for School Use:

  • Clips let you hang all kinds of papers on any surface

  • use a few Clips, some with prong down & some with prong up, to hang posters

  • use a Hook to hang a hall pass

  • use Clip shapes to add fun to decorations & papers

  • color coordinate Clips for each holiday’s decorations

  • use Clips & Hooks inside lockers for schedules, keys, and other lightweight items

  • use Wax to hold science & art project pieces and other 3-dimensional things

  • use Clips to create a classroom calendar, job chart, and letter or number wall

Ideas for Hobby and Craft Use:

  • use Clips to hold instructions or patterns

  • use Wax to hold small pieces in place while painting

  • use Hooks to hang small tools

  • use some Wax to store fishing tackle or to hold hooks for fly tying

  • use Wax to stabilize miniatures in dollhouses and on train layouts

  • use Hooks to hold sewing bobbins, ribbon rolls and notions

  • use Clips to display rubber stamp creations

  • use some Wax to help hold dried flower arrangements

  • colorless Wax is great to hold props for photography

  • professional & amateur magicians use Wax to ’assist’ with tricks & illusions

  • display card, cap & other collections with Clips & Hooks

Ideas for Holiday and Party Use:

  • use holiday color Clips to hold greeting cards

  • use colored Clips or Wax to put up decorations

  • use Clips to hold holiday light wires (indoors or out)

  • stand a paper clip up in a bit of Wax to hold a place card on your holiday table

  • use some Wax to help keep flower arrangements in place

More Great Ideas

  • use a Clip on a cabinet to hold a recipe card at eye level

  • use Hooks to hold small utensils

  • use Clips on refrigerator instead of magnets so you can actually see what’s being held

  • Clips will stick to all refrigerator surfaces & they won’t scratch

  • post team line-up on fences & cinder-block walls

  • use Clips to hold up banners & signs

  • use some Wax to keep picnic items from blowing away

  • Clips can hold company & family picnic signs

  • use Clips to help hold garage sale signs

  • a bit of Wax on the tip of a screwdriver will hold a screw in position while working in a tight spot

  • Clips will hold diagrams & plans conveniently in place

  • use Hooks for hanging small tools so they won“t be hidden at the bottom of a drawer or toolbox

  • use Wax as an “extra hand” for holding small parts

  • use Wax as a quick temporary “fix” for all kinds of things

Kids Room and Dorm:
  • Clips are safer than staples, tacks & push pins

  • Hooks are great for jewelry, shoe laces, ribbons, etc.

  • use Clips, Hooks or Wax for holding or hanging models & action figures

  • use Clips or Wax for hanging posters

  • use Hooks for hanging keys so they’re always handy

  • use Clips on dorm door for messages & notes

  • use Clips on the wall for schedules, assignments, calendars, etc.

  • leave a Clip on the phone to hold messages